Hello, I'm Troido

I will probably put some programming experiments on this tilde soon.

I have been trying out some stuff with javascript and html5 the last year.
Most of my projects I put on my website troido.nl.

I am currently working on an object-oriented rewrite of my orbox game for this tilde.
I have something working now: Orbox.
It is still unfinished, I have to add some CSS.

Another project I'm recently working on is to improve the source code of my platformer game.
Actually it is not a game as you can only walk and jump around.
I am testing it here, so don't be surprised if it's broken sometimes.

*Only for tilde.red users:*
Some time ago I said in the IRC that I had written a program in C that would draw 3d stuff in the terminal using ascii.
By now I managed to get the segfaults etc out, and I uploaded it.
In the directory /home/troido/projects/terminal3d/ you can find the executable, the manual and the (ugly) source code.

If you have any feedback about the programs, please tell me :-)