Welcome to Troido's tilde page.

This page uses CSS3 3D transforms for rendering a 3d environment of HTML elements.

You can walk around with the arrow keys or the WASD keys.
You can look around by dragging the mouse or with the keys Q, E, R and F.

At the moment of writing this page is best displayed in chrome 39 (or chrome-like browsers).
If it doesn't work well, click this link to an index with less CSS. The button in the bottom right corner does the same.

This way!

Hello and welcome again!

I am Troido (or at least, that's how I call myself on the internet).

I like to experiment with HTML5 and javascript
This page is an example of that.
Other stuff I made on this tilde are (a rewrite of) the game Orbox and a platformer game.
I have a lot more of my earlier experiments on my website Troido.nl

Sorry, there is not much more content to this page yet, but that will come!

Of course you could have clicked the link and go to the orbox page before, but why not play it here?
Click here to go to the normal index page