/ Hi there. Here lives  / 
   / perispomeni.club      /
  / A comunity that lives /
 / on a server.          /
/_  _________   ________/
  \/  .--.   |V|
   \ /    \ _| /
     q .. p \ /
      \--/  //
jgs  __||__//
    /.    _/
   // \  /
  //   ||
  \\  /  \
   )\|    |
  / || || |
  |/\| || |
     | || |
     \ || /
   __/ || \__

Care to join?

That’s awesome.

Come, everything is free and open! Just give us some info.

What is perispomeni.club?

perispomeni.club is a simple, tiny linux machine inspired by Paul Ford’s tilde.club.

I liked the idea a lot and as a result this site came to life on May 22, 2015.

I’d like to point out that this is not the same as tilde.club. It has it’s own member’s and it’s own original ideas.

My name is Tasos Sangiotis, I made this place and I live in Greece. I can be found online as tsangiotis and via email on tsangiotis@gmail.com.

perispomeni.club resides on a small DigitalOcean instance in Frankfurt (we will scale if needed).

Man, something is broken!

There is a Github repo serving the purpose of letting me know. Don’ t notify me by email.

Rules of the game

  1. Don’t do illegal stuff here.
  2. Be excellent to each other.
  3. Don’t create drama.
  4. Don’t abuse or hack the server in any way.

Admins have the right to delete users for violating these rules.

What can I do here?


How do I log in?


Open up a terminal on your computer. Type in ssh your_username@perispomeni.club and your temporary password (which should have been emailed to you). You should change your password right away. Type in passwd, hit enter, and follow the prompts. Set up public key authentication, which will soon be required.


Download PuTTY. Now install it.

Once PuTTY is downloaded and installed, starting the program will take you to the configuration screen, where you need to make just a couple of changes.

Fill in the “Host Name (or IP address)” field with perispomeni.club, make sure the port number is 22, and the connection type is SSH. Additionally, click on the sidebar entry, SSH, and select “2 only” as the preferred SSH protocol version.

Once everything is configured, you can name and save these preferences for the future by clicking on Session in the side bar and typing a title into the Saved Sessions field. Then click save.

Double click on the session name to connect, and accept the subsequent pop up that asks if you want to connect to the host. After PuTTY starts up, type in your username and then the password that was emailed to you. The password will not be visible, however it is still being entered as you type. Remember to change that password after you login.

You will then be connected to your account on perispomeni.club.