It was 2015 when I started and back then I would not imagine that this will me my longest running project.

As you can imagine, this server is not for free. It has a real cost in terms of resources. More specifically, I host this on a small instance on DigitalOcean with automatic backups enabled. That amounts to about $7.5/month and the domain runs around $15/year. If you do the math, this colaborative server costs above $100/year.

I thought about different solutions on how to ease the burden that is my hosting bills. What I came up with is inspired by what Nathaniel Smith does for I set up a Patreon page. There you can put your donations and we can crack goals.

If it does not work I will cut the server down with early notice of course and we will all part our seperate ways with no hard feelings.

The plan is, I will put a donation button somewhere. If you feel like it, you press it and you give me money to keep the site humming. This is not for my manhours. It is just for the resources. By my calculations, if each member puts aside a beer’s worth of money each year ($5), this server will humm to eternity as is. Me in return will periodically upload the invoices from DigitalOcean and the domain company so you know I am not using the money for beer. If enough of you donate we will be able to have a more powerful server. Of course if you wanna throw in something extra you can do that and I will print and sent you some of my photography or other stuff from Greece.

If you don’t feel like donating, that’s fine. It is a donation and not a subscription. If you have other ideas or you are itching to tell me I am doing something completely wrong and I can cut the cost in half, please do.

My email is tsangiotis @

Until then check out the Patreon page.